Acting Raw

Acting Raw

“Acting Raw” is a reality TV series about actors and their journey to success.
The initial shoot took place with a total of 24 actors at Symondsbury Manor in Dorset, UK. My role in the course of the production was the DIT. In post, I edited the exemplary TV pilot, a sizzler, two trailers and assisted the editing for a documentary about the project.
The latter, as well as the TV series, is to be pitched to leading TV channels in Europe and the US.

The series was created by London-based Zeitgeist Industries.
If interested, please get in touch for private links to the television pilot.

My role:

  • Editor
  • Superstar PR

    Superstar PR

    Teaser for a reality television show.

  • Countdown für Europa

    Countdown für Europa

    Documentary series following German football club Eintracht Frankfurt on their journey through Europe.

  • Die Rückkehr des Pokals

    Die Rückkehr des Pokals

    Feature-length documentary about the cup-win of Eintracht Frankfurt in 2018.

  • Viktoria


    5-piece documentary (feature length) about the Cologne football club Viktoria Köln.

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