All James’ Bundesliga goals and assists

All James’ Bundesliga goals and assists

This video is part of a series of videos produced to promote the Bundesliga, the German football league, during its pre-season. The videos are currently produced in three languages (German, English and Spanish) and shared with a range of clients and partners. They are also published throughout social media platforms, such as Youtube (with a regional filter, usually not available in Germany), Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and the official Bundesliga-Website (EN/DE/ES).

My role:

  • Editor
  • Superstar PR

    Superstar PR

    Teaser for a reality television show.

  • Countdown für Europa

    Countdown für Europa

    Documentary series following German football club Eintracht Frankfurt on their journey through Europe.

  • Die Rückkehr des Pokals

    Die Rückkehr des Pokals

    Feature-length documentary about the cup-win of Eintracht Frankfurt in 2018.

  • Viktoria


    5-piece documentary (feature length) about the Cologne football club Viktoria Köln.

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