Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger

“Hello Stranger” is a short drama/romance with an experimental touch. It was shot within three days in front of a kiosk near Bournemouth Pier in UK.
Its experimental elements are both simple and effective and fall into line with the straightforward setup, which is mainly comprised of a dialogue between two (or is it, in fact, more?) former lovers.
Atakan Özgüner’s creative ideas along with Celeste Joy Engel’s touching script turn this short into a frequently acclaimed piece of work.
Since I was both editor and cinematographer in this production, I was able to come up with desired transitions between the scenes on the spot. The remaining dialogue editing was fairly straightforward; the fact that the dialogue includes sections in languages that I do not speak or understand was not a big issue. Initially I edited the film following the (English) script. After the first edit I had a talk with the respective native speakers and surprisingly not many changes where necessary subsequently.

“Hello Stranger” was showcased at the short film corner of Cannes International Film Festival in 2012.
If interested, please get in touch for the password to watch the film.

My roles:

  • Camera Operator
  • Editor
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